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What To Expect From Your First UroLift Procedure

Dec 12, 2023
What To Expect From Your First UroLift Procedure
Having an enlarged prostate gland brings a host of unwanted symptoms including frequency, urgency, and weak urine stream. The good news is that the UroLift® procedure can help alleviate these symptoms. Here’s what you can expect from this procedure.

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland, there's likely one thing on your mind: how to find relief from bothersome symptoms without the need for invasive surgery. That’s where the UroLift® system enters the picture.

The UroLift procedure is a minimally invasive treatment designed to stop your symptoms by moving enlarged prostate tissue out of the way through an implantable device made from nitinol, stainless steel, and polyethylene sutures.  With excess tissue out of the way,you have an unobstructed pathway for urine to flow without sacrificing your sexual function.

And the best part? Our board-certified urologists at Bellingham Urology Group offer the UroLift procedure in our Bellingham and Mount Vernon, Washington, locations.

Continue reading as our team shares what you can expect from your first UroLift procedure, from your preoperative preparations to the anticipated benefits of this minimally invasive procedure.

What to expect before your procedure

Before you undergo your UroLift procedure, you’ll need to schedule a consultation and follow through with any preoperative instructions provided to you.

Preoperative consultation

Before your UroLift procedure, you'll have a consultation with your Bellingham Urology Group urologist. During this appointment, our team reviews your medical history and makes sure that UroLift is right for you. You shouldn’t receive UroLift if you have an active urinary tract infection, for example.

At this time, your urologist also explains the UroLift procedure in detail (including how the UroLift delivery device inserts the implant), so that you have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! 

Preparing for your procedure

On the day of the UroLift procedure, you may be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for a specific period before the surgery. It's essential to follow any preoperative instructions provided by your Bellingham Urology Group provider to ensure a smooth and safe procedure.

What to expect during your UroLift procedure

UroLift is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, and that means you can return home on the same day. The process involves the placement of small implants in your prostate to lift and hold the enlarged tissue aside. This opens up your urethra and relieves symptoms such as difficulty urinating or frequent urination.

UroLift is often performed under local anesthesia. This means you'll be awake but may receive medication to help you relax. Many individuals report minimal discomfort during and after the UroLift procedure. 

What to expect after your UroLift procedure

After your surgery, you can expect:

Discussion on whether you need a catheter

Most patients don’t need a catheter inserted after the procedure, but in the event that you do, you can expect it to remain in place for about one day.

Relatively quick recovery

After your surgery, you may experience side effects from anesthesia or any oral sedatives used. This is common and to be expected. You may feel groggy, so it’s best to have a friend or family member drive you home after your procedure.

After the UroLift procedure, your Bellingham Urology Group team will provide instructions for postoperative care. This may include recommendations for managing any mild discomfort, staying hydrated, and avoiding certain activities for a brief period. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress and address any concerns.

Improvement of symptoms

Because UroLift is non-surgical, and no tissue is removed, the procedure typically allows for a quick return to normal activities. Most patients experience significant improvement in symptoms 一  urinary frequency, urgency, and weak stream 一 within a few weeks. 

By addressing these symptoms, you can expect to experience:

  • An improvement in overall quality of life
  • Enhanced sleep thanks to fewer nighttime trips to the restroom
  • Return to regular daily activities without the limitations imposed by prostate-related issues
  • Boost in self-esteem and sense of relief 

If you’re struggling with urinary frequency, urgency, and an inability to fully empty your bladder, don’t settle with the status quo. Schedule your consultation to find out what UroLift can do for you. 

To get started, call the office closest to you, or click here to book online.